Dr. Ashley invites you on a tour of his office! Its soothing colours and professional design serves to relax his patients and the state-of-the art equipment inspires confidence!

View the details below to truly understand how Dr. Ashley and his experienced team do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant one.

Our dental office was professionally designed with natural cork and stone floors throughout which provides a serene, spa like setting with soothing colours and a variety of artwork chosen by Dr. Ashley to give a relaxing feel to the space.

Our waiting room wall displays a 150 gal., cylinder shaped, salt water aquarium designed specifically for Dr. Ashley. It also boasts a separate playroom for the children to read, play and watch TV while they are waiting for their appointment.

Our reception desk is very inviting with much attention to detail and ample working space for our staff. As you enter the office you will immediately be drawn to the warmth of the stone and wood that surrounds the desk.

When passing through the office you will notice our panorex, which is state of the art, digital radiographic equipment used to get a complete picture for advanced diagnosis.

Our hygiene rooms are equipped with ultra low radiation, digital imaging, as well as ultrasonic equipment for a more comfortable hygiene experience.

Our sterilization area is the most advanced technology available on the market today and is encased by a gorgeous wall of glass to set it apart from the rest of the hallway.

Dr. Ashley’s operatories offer the same low radiation, digital imaging equipment and up to date instrumentation as well as complete computerized charting and imagery. Relax in the comfort of the soft leather patient chairs, enjoy the views or watch your favorite TV show in each room.