New Patient Documentation

On your initial visit, Dr. Ashley will require that you fill out some New Patient documentation. You may either fill this out in our office, or if possible, please download the New Patient .pdf document here, fill out all forms within this document at your leisure, and bring them all with you on your initial visit.

As a courtesy to our patients we accept most Insurance Plans and we will need all insurance information prior to treatment.Please provide us with your current insurance information and inform us of any changes.  As this service is being provided to you, free of charge, we ask that you be familiar with your insurance coverage regarding what services are covered and at what percentage will be paid.  It is a contract between you, your insurance company and your employer.  We are not a part of that contract. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your coverage.  There are a wide variety of plans, which make it impossible for us to know all of the details of every patient’s plan, but will strive to maintain a good working relationship with the insurance companies and all parties involved.

Dr. Ashley will complete a thorough exam including digital radiographs necessary for the ongoing treatment.  He will answer questions you may have and provide you with the treatment options available to maintain optimal oral health.  A treatment plan and an estimated cost of your treatment will be provided at this time.

We recommend Recall Appointments on a regular basis to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  This is usually every 6 months, but will be customized to your individual needs.  Our Dental Hygienists are extremely qualified to provide you with the ultimate in periodontal care, leaving you with a bright smile…more importantly…. a Healthy Smile!


We strive to make your visit as comfortable s possible.  We make every effort to provide affordable care at the same time maintaining the highest quality of service and technology.